My dream phone a real smart


If it is possible to grab the world in my hand , use the technology to most then  I will use my smartphone to do that. In the modern era of high end technologies we have reached much ahead that we may not have imagined a decade back . An innovative trend of the product of technologies is smartphone , in which we carry our world, connectivity, accessibility , entertainment and captures in our pocket.
I wish If I can enhance the power and features then it can do what others can not do and It will really change the way of our daily life activities. Smartphone are something on which we are very much dependent like accessing the internet when we are away from computer , enjoying movies , sports and other videos when we don’t have a television by our side, a handy tools to click pictures, and so on, and if we combine more features within it something which is really innovative. Read my wish list that I want to combine all these to form a real smartphone and with which the stuffs that I can do and others can’t’ . Follow me :

Artificial Intelligence

Call it Artificial Brain. In the smart world everyone want their device to work smartly , effectively and efficiently . I want my smartphone to have an Artificial Intelligence system or artificial brain that will work like machine and act like human.  It will have pre installed initial features and programs but it will also learn to stimulate with users , from interaction of humans like a small grown baby then each and every day it will learn something new and its’ functions will increase may be limit to infinity.  The ability to learn, think analytical and react according to changing condition will really bring blaze in smartphone and computing.
For example, if someone is calling and the user(receiver) is not near by the device then the device will receive the call itself and talk like its user and save the conversation for him/her.
If  I want to write something , I don’t have to speak loudly or type , I can just move my lips and I will detect what I want to speak.  Or it will detect the words just by moving my fingers on air from a distance etc and so on.

Smart processor
Obviously a smart device needs a very smart and powerful
processor that can handle high end task effectively and efficiently without any hindrance . A smart processor which is going to work with artificial brain should be biologically inspired  modelled like real life neurons which is capable of learning from the feedback of users. It should be fast enough to do multiple task at a same time at the same speed.
One common issue for smartphone processor is extreme usage of battery,  but the smart processor will consume very less power and conserve the rest for rest of the process in the device as well as the device will be enabled with multi source of power such as it will absorbe power from geothermal  heat, heat emitting from human body  and solar energy in such way that If it is consuming one source of energy it will automatically charge it’s battery cell from secondary and tertiary source of energy so that I do not have to worry about losing or charging my smartphone.

Smart display screen with holographic interface 

Indeed a smartphone without a smart screen is incomplete since touchscreen has replaced the traditional approach of input now it screen is only the primary output and input device for smartphones. We can enhance it more by including a holographic input and output. Holographic display will give more impressive output , explore into more depth  of the things, as well as diaphragmatic view will express more of the content beautifully  for high tech gaming  The interface will be much better, one need not have to use the small touch screen anymore to type , draw slide and zoom,  with the holographic interface one can change the resolution size of the interface according to his/her preference which will stand as much better and user-friendly input method .  We can move the images around, push them right onto the table, interact with the area above table and do many other manipulation using see-through and reach-through mist can have many screen instead have single small screen with minimal display.

Accessibility, Connectivity and security.

The internet has already minimized the distance between the people and countries ,  and no doubt there will be much improved and advance connectivity within next few years and compiling these advance network features with such smart device there will be much  connectivity and accessibility to our online world. We can explore much better , we can build a much secure access by the security and defence system of artificial intelligence , as it know what is harmful and what is beneficial for your device , it knows what is your confidential data.

One in all

We prefer laptop instead of desktop for portability, tablets and pads instead of laptop , we prefer more in portability, so why not all in just one small handy device ? if it has a powerful processor , artificial intelligence , holographic input and output , connectivity, accessibility then it is possible to have feature of advance computing and heavy tasking like we do in our desktop or laptop.  The processor and artificial intelligence will do the real tough job of computer, holographic interface will be the primary means of input and output ,  connectivity which will connect the device to world in all means , and the intelligence security will provide smart a authentication and accessibility as It know the human behaviour  it will provide much better defence from hackers and spammers .

So I don’t need to buy a big damn computer for normal desk job, I can easily create presentation,  edit multimedia files , computer added design ,text  documents from just a small handy smartphone laying on bed. Isn’t good?  Imagine the capabilities of a smartphone with these features , It will create dynamic change in computing ,  network and communication  .

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  1. Quite a logical foray into the future of phones...

    Arvind Passey

    1. yes, deep into the future,
      Sir, Its great to see you comment
      thank you so much :)