How to secure Facebook account


These days Facebook has became our primary junction for social networking and indeed our virtual world where we  spend our hours. But it is the e-world , then it is no doubt that hackers are all around us who steals our personal data for various reasons .   boyfriends and girlfriends are spying on each other’s account  is one of the strongest reason  of account being hacked.

Well let’s get into the point, how to secure your Facebook account.

Always use strong password consisting letters of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters. For example ‘XatZp@4892’ .
Always create a weird password that must not exists in any dictionary, because hackers can attempt dictionary attack to gain access into your account.

Change your password after every two or three months and never use guessable password like your contact number, lover’s name,

Never disclose your password with anyone , not even with your loved ones.Don’t get in the trap of emotional blackmail of your dear ones that you don’t’ trust her/him. Because you may don’t know what is his/her  actual plan after knowing your password. Because your privacy is in your hand.

Most Important: Don’t use the same password at every other websites, because if a hacker gain access into any of your account , then no doubt he will try to access your other accounts too with the same login portal.

Register your cell phone number and enable Facebook notification so that, Facebook can notify you whenever someone access your account from other than your primary device.

Keep your contact number invisible to other people.

Whenever you use Facebook from public devices such as from school, college or offices’ computer , make sure that there is no keylogger installed in that system. Know more about Keylogger from here.
Whenever you get off the system , clear the browsing history and cookies of that web browser. A hacker can use those internet cookies to  attempt several hacking activities.

Don’t use unusual Facebook apps. Because most of them are spam .

We generally use our smartphone when we are away from Desktop or laptops to connect Facebook. There are lots of apps. Which are vulnerable for our device and can gather our data behind our eye sight.  Don’t use those apps which looks like spam or people have bad feelings about that. Download apps only from trusted place like Google Play store , Apple Apps store etc.

Phished page are cloned page of any website, they looks real but actually they are not. These type of pages are generally used to collect login data. Imagine your friend sent you a link and asked you to login there and you will receive a good offer from that website, but in reality he want to fool you and collect your log in data.
So if you receive any link sent by your friends or any other person that asks you to log in there , beware! Know more about phishing here
Don’t click on unusual link sent by your friends or somewhere at wall.
The above things not only implies on facebook but for the security of every websites that you use in your daily life.


  1. Thanks for this post... it will really help many people

    1. Thanks Bro :) yes this post is intended to inform people about their security as much I can.... will be updated with much more information soon.. stay tuned :)