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Most of us know how to use the internet but most of us don’t know how to secure the internet.
In this cyber world, security is very essential,  because most of our daily life activities from sending personal and business E-mails , banking transactions , to our virtual world of social networking  are done online.
Having online security doesn't mean only for your online bank account, it is also for your  email account, social networking  website such as Facebook, twitter  etc. Because everyone is associated with each other directly or indirectly and among which your email account is the main key to every websites. Well..

 What is two Step Authentication ?
 Authentication is verifying your identity to the system by entering your  user id , password  and gain access to use the services of the system.  Where as to ensure more security, two step verification is verifying your identity in two steps. First step is by entering your User ID/Email ID and password, then second step is  verifying by something  that you always keep with you that proves that you are the real one. So in second step you always need your cell phone , in which the website will send you a code and you just need to enter the code and get full access.

I know it’s a bit of lengthy process as you have to keep your cell phone always with you and wait for a minute every time you try to log in and its makes you feel painful, because in the E-world we want everything quick and easy , but these things doesn't matter if you want to secure your online assets .

Imagine your friends know your Email ID and Password , and he want to access your account in your absence to spy on your personal feeds, then what? He will enter your first authentication data correctly but he will stuck at the second step when the system will ask him to enter the code that has been sent to your cell phone. Isn't helpful?

Most of our primary usage website have two step authentication system, like in Google, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Apple , DropBox etc.

How to Set two step Authentication 

Lets start with Google account.
Just  goto your Google account at http://accounts.google.com then move to ‘security’ section and enable “2 step  verification”. All you need is your cell phone number , if its not verified then kindly verify it. All the options are there.

DropBox  2 step authentication
No doubt that dropbox is an important website for cloud storage for personal or commercial purpose and it needs security indeed, It also supports authentication by SMS . You can set the 2 step process from your account settings and then move to security section. Whenever you will use a new device you need the SMS code to gain full access into your account.
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Twitter ‘Two factor verification’
Twitter call this process ‘two factor verification’ . You need a verified phone number to get started. Go to your twitter account settings , Select ‘required a verification code when I sign in’ then click on add phone and follow prompts. You will receive a six digit code whenever you try to log in.

They lunched this system recently and obviously  people need this in their Microsoft account because with only one account it gives the access to Xbox, Outlook, Hotmail, Dreamsparks, SkyPe and I don’t know how much more . To enable this system goto account settings move to “Security Info”  then click on “set up two step verification”

Facebook Login Approvals:
Facebook supports  code generated only from their own mobile apps. Offline . Go to your security settings , edit the ‘code generator’ .
You can enable the apps. Password to use a special password every time you use the Facebook mobile apps from your cellphone.


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